Julian in Julian

If you've read some of my previous posts, you may have noticed we call our eldest son "Jelo". No, that's not his real name...he real name is Juilan Angelo. So his nickname is the "J' from Julian and the "-elo" from Angelo. I know, its cute!

Jelo had once heard the news weather refer to the city of Julian. He was instantly curious about the city of Julian. We've promised from for a long time we'd take him for a vist, last weekend we finally did!

Auntie Joyce and Uncle Mikey joined us for our trip into the mountains some some apple picking and apple pie! 

We started our visit with some apple picking at Raven Hill Ochard, For $10 you get a bag with you fill with as many apples as you can! There were rows and rows of apple trees that our boys loved to run up and down. They enjoyed finding the "really red" apples and had daddy help pick the best ones that were way high up in the trees. 

At the orchard, there was wine tasting also from Menghini Winery where for $5 you get to sample 5 wines and a keepsake wine glass. 

We had some lunch and explored downtown Julian where Jelo had fun taking pictures in front of a few "Julian" signs. 

We ended our day with some famous Julian Apple Pie. My favorite is the Apple Caramel Crumble, oh so good! We bought some to share with Jelo and DJ's grandparents =)

Another great weekend diversion from the daily routines of the work week! Happy Fall everyone!