Tractor Room

For my dad and brother's birthday, I had planned to take them to Hash House A Go Go. I got there a little early expecting a wait. When the hostess said it was going to be a two hour wait, my jaw dropped! She did suggest visiting their sister restaurant down the street,The Tractor Room.

It was an hour wait at the Tractor Room. Since my family was on their way, I decided to wait. The waiting area has a few picnic tables, table games, water, coffee, and table tennis! This made the wait go by quickly. My dad usually gets turned off by long waits, he'd rather go to hometown buffet.

I'm glad he loved his burger and he appreciated the tastiness of the grass fed, organic meat! Our party had the Filet Mignon skewers, chicken Hash, buffalo quesadillas, kids pancake, and two burgers. Yum! Yum! Yum! The French pear cocktail I had a bit to strong for a lunch cocktail, but it was good!

Happy birthday Dad and lil bro!!!