Self's Drop 10 Slim Down Plan

 I've been overweight most my life.  After I had my second son, I lost about 40+ lbs on the liquid diet, Opti-fast. It sure was fast, the weight came off within 3 months! During that time, I started running and working out regularly. I even finished my first marathon! But Opti-fast wasn't a realistic solution to my weight problem. After keeping their weight off for about a year and a half, I've gained most of it back! 

I must admit, I have a love affair with food! I love to eat! It's my weakness, my drug. Although I've tried to keep up with my exercise, I haven't been as dedicated as I used to be. 

So, a few weeks ago, I came across a tweet from Self Magazine looking for ladies interested in losing 10 lbs on a special program sponsored by them. I entered and I surprisingly received this email:

This email could not have come at a better time! I'm ready to try to get myself back on track again and I'm hoping this program will motivate me to do so!

Just like my Cupcake 26.2 Virtual Marathon, I'm hoping you all join me on this 5 week program!

The program has two parts: diet and exercise (SURPRISE!).
Here you can find the Self Diet Plan and Self Diet Meals. The diet focuses on super foods like Salmon, Yogurt, and sweet potatoes - all of which I love! The meals are easy to follow and allows for substitutions and can cater to your preferences. Also included are the Month One and Month Two workout plans. The pictures help make sure you do the weight/strength training activities correctly!

To get started, Self Magazine asked for me to send pictures! Here I am at the start of the program!

I encourage you all to join me! I'll be posting weekly updates here on and also on twitter hashtag #drop10diet.

Let's start the Fall season with having the pounds fall off!