In celebration Of Rainwater Spa's one year anniversary, I was given a complimentary 45 minute body scrub from a Facebook contest they conducted! Yay for me!

I've visited Rainwater Spa before and loved my massage. You can see my review on that experience here.

I have gotten a spa body scrub only once before, years ago ata a different spa, so I was looking forward to this experience. But after reading a not so positive review about the body scrub Rainwater Spa, I got worried! Yet, in my head I told myself  "hey it's free, it can't be that bad!"

My body scrub was done in one of their massage rooms. The process involved applying and massgaing the mango body scrub, wiping it off with what felt like a micro fiber cloth, then wiping with a warm, wet wash cloth: Legs, the torso, arms, décolleté, then back. I wish the scrub had a stronger scent, it was very faint. I wish I left the spa smelling of mango!

Yet, at the end of the treatment, my skin was soft and glowing! My sunburned, dry skin was gone!

Thanks Rainwater Spa! Until next time!