National Girlfriends Day!

I can remember my first day of elementary school. A girl walks up to me, introduces herself, asks my name, and then invites me to play. She was first girlfriend. We used to walk to school together throughout elementary school, we shared our pre-teen insecurites with one another, carpooled through middle school, and shared half of high school fun together until she moved away. We always stayed close all these years. We both are now married and have two boys. Our times together nowadays are filled with stories of raising our boys. She is one of my dearest girlfriends.

My mom, my ultimate girlfriend, taught me how to be a great wife. I am the mom and wife I am today through her example. Supportive, providing, and always understanding are her most dynamic traits. My taught me how to be responsible at a young age.I was taught to clean up after myself and help with the household chores. At the time, I felt like a 'slave' but I know now it prepared me for my role of being a wife and mother. Having a brother 10 years younger than me, and my mom having me share in his care, prepared me to be the mom I am today.

My cousins, my sisters from other mothers, were my companions growing up. We have found stories from family gatherings growing up. Lots of laughs, fun times, and a few tears. We share in the complexities of the relationships with our parents and often times experience the same pressures and family conflicts. Its been comforting throughout the years to have each other to understand our family dynamic like no one else can. 

My girlfriends from elementary school, middle school, high school, and college with whom I am still close today have shared with me some of the greatest milestones of my life. They have been the people I've leaned on when times were tough, the ones I've laughed with during the best times of my life, and the people I share my life's fondest memories with. We have grown up together. We will continue to share life together. 

Cheers to my girlfriends! Thank you for your friendship and love! Happy National Girlfriends Day!