Darnishi and Me

We all wonder what the future holds for us. I have always wondered: Will I live long? Will I get rich? Will I have more kids? Will I ever change careers?

I've always been curious about psychics and the like. Can they really see into the future? Do they truly have a 6th sense? Will they be able to tell me what the future holds?

My friend Joyce has met with a few psychics in the past. She's attended a few psychic fairs and has one-on-one readings, as well as group readings and workshops. She's invited me to attend these with her a few times but only today did I take her up on her offer.

We headed to the New Earth Expo in Carlsbad, CA for my first psychic experience. There were dozens of psychics, clairvoyants, and healers present. We walked around a bit and finally came to Darnishi. Joyce has attended a group workshop with Darnishi before and has heard good things about her. I added myself to her list of about 6 people deep which was going to be about an hour and a half wait. We checked out a few workshops and booths while we waited.

Before my session with Darnishi started, I asked if Joyce and my cousin Baba, who were with me, could listen in on my reading. She gladly accepted. My 15 minute reading included events in my past that have shaped me, my personality traits and what's important to me, my relationships, my family, and upcoming events in my life. Darnishi did most of the talking, asking me a few clarifying questions throughout. As Darnishi spoke I was in awe, the things she said were things my friends of years would know about me, details only those really close to me would know. She even knew about my boys and even described their very distinct personalities.

At times, I felt like crying. I felt like she was really understanding me and my feelings at this point in my life, even if I hadn't shared those feelings with anyone else. She gave me some advice in dealing with some of my relationships and insight on how to deal with life issues I will encounter. She was very nice, easy to talk to, amicable, it was like having a conversation with one of my aunts giving me advice. As Darnishi spoke, I would see the Joyce and Baba's facial expressions, the surprise on their faces confirmed my shock on how accurate she was!

The most exciting were her predictions about upcoming business opportunities that might arise. She knew about the ideas I've had, the people I've shared them with, and more. She gave me some dates to be aware of in regards to my prospective business.

At the end of my reading, she said she would mail me a CD of our conversation. She explained to me that I could only listen to the recorded reading on the specific dates she gave me and I could listen to the recording the number of times she said in the specific days only. She warned me that people have said that when they listen to their recording, at times the reading changed in parts. She said no to be alarmed, it happens, and their is no explanation.

My fifteen minute reading felt longer than it was. As we parted, Darnishi hugged me and told me to keep loving my boys because she knew they were my joy!

What a wonderful experience! I'm glad my overall reading was positive!

Have any of you had a psychic reading before? What was experience?

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