True Foods San Diego

What an aesthetically pleasing restaurant! 

We got to True Foods at about 10:45am on a Sunday morning and there was no wait to be seated. When we left at 12:30pm, there was a significant crowd outside waiting to be seated. Yes, we were these for almost 2 hours because the service was slow. Yet, yet the staff was very friendly, especially to my rowdy boys!

Our group had  ordered:

Quinoa Johnny Cakes: Two pancakes about 8 inches in diameter with a dollop of greek yogurt on top and blue berries on top and inside the pancakes. It was very delicious but I was wanting more, the portion was small for $9.

Kids mozzerella pizza: nice portion and very yummy, flavorful. My boys ate it all up. But for $9 for a kids pizza is pricey. 

Bison Burger: nice portion, yummy kale salad on the side, $16 was steep for a burger.

Shiataki Noodles with Shrimp: a nice spicy kick, adding the shrimp made the $13 dish cost $20.

Hangover Rx, Kale Aid, and Cucumber Refresher drinks were yummy!

Pistachio ice cream was yum also!

Great food, great location! I've love to go again if the prices were a bit lower =)