Today's Dollar Store Finds!

I love the Dollar Store! So does my son! If you ask him what his favorite store is, he'll say, "dollar tree!!". I never have to convince him to come with me if we're headed to the dollar store!

Today, I went to look for the the supplies to organize my trunk as shared by Dollar Store Crafts, but of course they ran out of the shoe organizers. Every time I've gone to the dollar store, I've seen those shoe organizers and never thought of a use for them. Now, when I go to specifically buy them, it's all sold out. So, I postponed that project for another day.

Browsing the aisles, my boys and I came across a few fun things to buy:

1) Popsicle molds: With my new ice cream maker, I can fill these cute molds! They are small, just right serving size for my two little boys.

2) Construction Paper: My boys love to do projects and they always seem to get into my scrapbook paper, so I bought them a pad of construction paper each to use!

3) Bath sponge: This came with a mesh sponge AND a fishy sponge. Very Cute! My two year old wouldn't put it down! Good thing he needs a new sponge anyways!

4) Plastic Bins: The Dollar Tree has an entire stock of multicolored plastic bins right now for their back to school display, all sizes and shapes. I bought a few to organize my sons' cars, pens, pencils, and crayons.