Road Trip: Are we there yet?!

This week's topic for Honda Dealers Like Moms sweepstakes is "Road Trip: Are We There Yet?"

Since we've had kids, it hasn't been easy to take a vacation. Yet, we love weekend trips to Los Angeles! 

Our most recent visit was to the Getty Museum where my boys got to participate in a few activities to learn about art and even make their own pieces of art! The Getty is so beautiful with its numerous galleries, architecture, and gardens. 

My boys have even become familiar with the landmarks along the 5 freeway and we love to play games along the way. We read the road signs looking for certain words, we keep a look out at the sights looking for certain colors, numbers, etc. my boys even know the exits for our "potty breaks". 


Fun songs keep the boys busy also! Our favorite CD to listen to is Ziggy Marley's "Family Time"

My kids love their iPad and iPod also. The apps, games, and movies they have are not only entertaining, but educational also. Their favorites right now are Reading Rainbow, Mickey's Road Rally, and ABC Food

We're about due for another road trip! We're thinking Las Vegas...what are your thoughts on bringing kids to Las Vegas?