This Week's Topic: PAMPER ME

Being a mom of two boys under 5 keeps me busy...VERY BUSY! There is never a boring moment with my two princes.

I'm thankful I have a wonderful husband who can read my mood to know when I need "mommy time". Mommy time is sometimes as simple as an evening when my husband gives our kids their baths and puts them to bed so I can have "QT with me" before I go to bed to read, blog, "pin", or what ever I want to do for me.

I steal some "QT with me" after work before I have to pick up the kids from their sitter/school to do a little shopping, get my nails done, or get some exercise.

Once a month I try to get together with some girlfriends to have dinner and drinks. We share mommy stories, husband stories, and just have a good time.

My husband takes me on "date nights" once a month also to allow us to pamper each other with a night out without the boys. It's nice to have a quiet dinner without my boys trying to play tag by running around the table!

"QT with me" helps me stay balanced in the hustle and bustle of working full-time and trying to be a great wife and mom.