Vacation of a Lifetime - El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Today I posted many pictures of El Nido, Palawan, Phlippines on my twitter as entries into a contest for Expedia.

I visited El Nido 6 years ago. Don and I had been married for almost two years then, no kids!

I came across El Nido in a travel magazine and when my parents planned a vacation to the Philippines, I wanted to make sure we spent a few days in Palawan.

From Manila, you take a 20 passenger plane to the island of Palawan which is about an hour flight. Once you land, there are greeters singing as you disembark from the plane. So cute! We then took a "jeepney" to the dock where a catamaran took us on an hour long boat ride to the remote island of El Nido.

As the catamaran approaches, you can see a crowd of the employees at the dock waving hello. As you get closer, you hear their sweet singing and some are playing the guitar. It was a beautiful welcome song. As you walk down the dock, there are singers on both sides of you as they guide you to the reception area. At the reception area, the serenade continues along with refreshments and snacks. 

We were then lead to our cabana on stilts above the water, a dream come true! The cabana has all the amenities, even an Bose stereo!

All of the meals, B-L-D, and all of the activities (snorkeling, cave exploring, canoeing, meals at the smaller remote islands nearby, introductory scuba, etc) are included, AWESOME! The water and beaches were beautiful, natural, untouched, remote, peaceful....