Girls Day at Spa Na'Mara

 As Robert Brault had said, "Most of us don't need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with". Time with my girlfriends is always a time to relax, refresh, and reset my life. Whether it's just coffee or a few hours at the spa, it is always a great time sharing stories, laughs, and just each others' company!

My girlfriends and I were all in need of some serious relaxation so we decided to check out Spa Na'Mara at Hotel Indigo in Del Mar. On my my friends had visited this spa before and I had heard of it from @laidoffmom. Both had wonderful things to say about the spa so we booked out treatments!

It was a beautiful morning in Del Mar when we arrived! We were the first guests at the spa that day so we had the entire place to ourselves that morning. 

Once we checked in we relaxed in the waiting area and had some yummy tea while waiting for the locker room to be ready for us. The tea the spa carries is from White Lion Traditional Tea. I tried the Vanilla Dolce Tea and White Ambrosia Tea. Both were so delicious! 

Once we were in our robes, we headed to the pool to wait for our services to start. The beautiful blue sky and light breeze was heavenly!

My first treatment was an Aromatherapy Massage for 50 min. The websites describes it as "Calm the mind and relax your body with this ultimate pampering treatment.  Sweetly scented essential oils and specialized massage techniques will have you feeling like a new person".   Zak was my masseuse who did an awesome job at my sore thighs from my running from the zombies! He focused on my lower back and shoulders too which will help with the tension that builds from sitting at my desk at work. 

My second treatment was an EmergenC Facial, "Full of power packed ingredients that give you results...and it happens to be organic.  Improves skin tone, texture and clarity.  Fights free radical damage and combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles". Mihaela was my aesthetician. From looking at my face, she knew my bad habits when it came to my skin care. She gave me some suggestions and explained all the procedures she did on me and well as the products she used. The facial included a massage of my shoulders, neck, arms, and hands. At the end of my facial, I felt like I had a new face! I don't get facials too often, but after today's treatment. 

The day with the girls was one we all needed! These girls I've grown up with and hope to grow old with!