Dancing, Crafts, and Mochi!

Our family is so fortunate to have great friends to invite us on their "single" outings! When I say "single", many of our friends are still single and childless. My boys at times can be loud and rowdy, which is a turn off for some single folks to have to spend the day with. But our single friends love our boys and are so great with them when we hang out!

Yesterday our friends from LA invited us to check out some fun free events going on in DTLA!

Our first stop was National Dance Day at the new Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles. This weekend is actually the grand opening of the Great Park! The park has a huge lawn, cute hot pink benches, tables, and chairs, and an awesome fountain with dancing water that the young (and not so young) can play around in! The festivities of National Dance Day included an appearance by some dance celebrities like Nigel Lithgoe and Mary Murphy of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, group Zumba and Hip Hop routines where the entire crowd participated, and a few food trucks to feed the masses! I wasa able to try The Cool Haus food truck that I've wanted to check out for a long time! I had a potato chip cookie with a maple bacon ice cream sandwich, YUM! Also, Homeboy Bakery was selling their yummy bakes goods. My boys loved the huge chocolate chip cookies! 

Our next stop was the Renegade Craft Fair at the Los Angeles State Historic Park. The Renegade Craft Fair had lots of awesome crafts from around the country. I went to this craft fair telling myself I wasn't going to buy anything. I was going to soak in everything I saw and use the ideas to inspire myself to create! But when I saw the Mockingjay pin from Enchanted Leaves, I had to have it! My husband saw my excitement so he,  being the prince charming he is, bought it for me! I hope they bring his event to San Diego eventually!

Out last stop for the day was Little Tokyo. We love mochi ice cream so we had to go to the original and best place in LA to get your mochi, Mikawaya! Mochi ice cream is only $1 here, where at other places you pay at least $2 per piece! The peaches and cream was heavenly! We browsed the shops and soaked in the sights. We even saw a local celebrity, Arthur Nakane. The one-man band was features on America's Got Talent and The Jimmy Kimmel Show. Cool guy!

I love day trips like this. It allows me to turn off my brain to the stresses of work, 
my messy house, and other things that worry my mind!
Our family got to spend some time with great friends and 
we got to appreciate Los Angeles in some new ways!