Caviar Manicure - Dollar Tree Find!

 I came across the Ciate Ciate Caviar Manicure a few months ago at the checkout counter at Sephora. Sephora is so good at placing the most enticing items near the checkout to entice those impulse buyers! The associate saw my interest and did the manicure on one of my nails to show how it worked. It was so pretty, but I did not want to buy a bottle of "nail caviar" for $25. I instead placed it on my wishlist in hopes someone will be nice enough (hint, hint hubby) to buy it for me for Christmas. 

Yesterday at the Dollar Tree, I came saw these:

The little beads looked just like the "nail caviar" at Sephora! Each pack was, of course, only a dollar! I mixed some of the colors together to have the same "rainbow" effect of the Ciate Caviar.

I was so excited to try it out! I used my OPI base coat and a layer of "Fifth Avenue" pink color by China Glaze. Nail by nail, while the nail polish was wet, I sprinkled the "caviar" on my nails.

And here is how it turned out!
Nail polish never lasts long for me with all the things I do day in and day out. I'm curious to see if the caviar outlasts my morning shower =)

Another neat nail buy at the dollar store was this hexagon nail file. 
Each side, top and bottom, as 1 of 7 steps to file and polish you nails:
1) Course grit to shape nail
2) Medium grit to refine shape
3) Fine grit to smooth edges of nail
4) condition nail
5) Smooth nail
6) nail buffer
7) polish and shine

If anyone is curious, these were bought at the Dollar Store off of Aero Drive in San Diego!

Happy Dollar Store Shopping!