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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Fun at The Discovery Cube

During our trips to Disneyland, we've passed by the Discovery Cube on the Interstate 5 dozens of times. We've always made a point to visit "one day", but when we saw that there was going to be a Mythbusters interactive exhibit coming through, we had to schedule a visit. Hubby was so excited he actually asked for the visit for his "fathers day gift"!

There was so much to do inside the cube! My favorite was the bed of nails that I actually laid down on. My boys where amazed!

The boys liked the Eco-Challenge area which had an interactive screen on a shopping cart, a scanner, and an awesome pretend store that taught kids how to shop eco-friendly. There was also a recycle center! So very cool!

Of course hubby's favorite part was the Mythbusters Exhibit! The kids loved the "Toast - Butter Side Up or Down" exhibit with several different contraptions to test whether toast has a tendency to fall butter side up or down. Hubby couldn't resist the "Flatulence" exhibit.  We were also able to get wet, dodge a flying projectile, fly an airplane, build a house that was "bad wolf" proof, ride a swing held by phone books, drive blind, and more! 

We did so much at the Discovery Cube! Here is some of the highlights:

Happy Fathers Day to by awesome hubby who enjoys spending every fathers day having fun with his boys!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life Play Summer Camps for Kids!

Summer is just around the corner! Many parents, just like me, are trying to figure out how to keep their kids busy during their time away from school. We're lucky we live in beautiful San Diego which has many things to do to keep our kids busy!

It's my pleasure to share with you Life Play, arts-centered camps, in 5 different locations in San Diego, featuring a powerful, innovative social & emotional curriculum, designed to expand creativity, empathy, communication, and personal accountability in children. Being a high school counselor, I know the importance of personal, emotional, and social well-being as a basis for academic success. Life Play gives children an avenue to explore their personal traits while making friends and having fun!

Life Play is staffed with a team of highly skilled, passionate teaching specialists who believe that people of all ages achieve personal success through deeper self-awareness, maintaining an open and curious mind, and by developing an ever-increasing emotional intelligence. Find LifePlay Productions on Facebook to learn more about social and emotional intelligence.

Check out the wide variety of camps to choose from on their website:
  • LifePlay Camp: A journey through the visual and performing arts, with a focus on self development. 
  • Camp Wonderland: Create your own wonderland in this theatrical production camp, and see your imagination come to life!
  • NaturePlay Camp: Use improvisation to develop children’s creativity, self-confidence, and communication skills. 
  • TheaterLive: In this fun and innovative camp, campers will delve into the various aspects of theatre and live theatrical performance.
  • CircusPlay: Each day, campers will have a chance to develop a new circus skill and learn fun choreography - hooping, juggling, clowning, acro-balancing, miming, and more!
  • ImprovLive: Students of improv not only learn how to be funny and powerful performers, but improv skills also transfer into the real world!
  • ArtPlay: Explore your creativity through expressive arts. Draw, sculpt, paint and craft pieces that will help you learn more about who you are. Create a mini portfolio of true self treasures.
  • Fun Fridays: Each Fun Friday we’ll develop the skills needed to be an excellent team player, including conflict resolution language and practice, empathy, tolerance, leadership, and open communication.

Make sure you plan ahead! Reserve your space in one of these amazing summer day camps early! For more information check out Facebook, Twitter, or call 858-255-0820!

Disclosure: I'm helping Life Camp spread the word about their summer camps and am receiving complimentary summer camp enrollment for my kids. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hump Day Fun at Disneyland

With two more days left of my summer vacation from work, our family spent today at Disneyland!

Disneyland is Garcia Family's "happiest place on earth". We love it there! Thank goodness for our annual passes, we're able to visit a few times a year!

Our highlights today:

*"DJ's Dance N' Drive" show at Carsland. Our DJ is a big fan of "Cars" and he loves the character "DJ".
Here's a video:

*"Radiator Springs Racers" was a first for us today! So much fun!

*Visit with Mickey Mouse on the set of "Steamboat Willie"

*Cool sounds of the All American College Band. Check them out here:

How are you spending the rest of your summer?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Backyard Camping

Ever since we had kids, my husband has been wanting to do a family camping trip. I was never fond of the idea. I've never been on a real camping trip before out in the woods with a tent, campfire, and the whole bit. I'm more of a glam-ping kind of girl: glamorous camping where we stay in a hotel in (or near) the woods and enjoy nature from the outdoor lounge area near the pool.

A family friend with kids of their own asked if they could come over and do a backyard campout. Their son has never been camping either so we figured a backyard campout would be a nice "trial" to see if the boys would like it.

The daddies set up two tents and the boys enjoyed filling their tents with their pillows and blankets. My kids can't do without their iPads so of course those were placed in the tents too! We had to explain in "real camping" there is no Wi-Fi and no plugs to recharge. I'm not quite sure they understood.

Grilled hotdogs and s'mores were on the menu.

Once the sun started to set, the boys took to their tents, set up their LCD lanterns and fell asleep quickly and without second thoughts about sleeping outside.  The daddies slept with the boys in their respective tents and the mommies slept in the warmth and comfort of the indoors.

Around 7AM the boys, kids and daddies, awoke with the sun. When I asked the boys, "So, do you like camping?" the dreaded shouts of "YES!!!" meant a real camping trip was in my near future.

I must admit the backyard campout was a success!

Do you have any suggestions for my "glam-ping" self to survive a real camping trip?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

SeaWorld San Diego's New Aquatica Waterpark

This weeks cloudy days opened up to a beautiful sunny San Diego day for a preview of the summer fun at SeaWorld San Diego's New Aquatica Waterpark. We were greeted by Kat Danganan, a member of the Aquatica PR Team. She gave us a souvenir towel, vouchers for lunch, told us a bit about the park, helped the boys get their wrist bands on, and onto the water park we went! 

Scheduled to open this weekend, Aquatica SeaWorld’s Waterpark in San Diego not only has a 500,000 gallon wave pool and several water slides over 60 feet tall, but also dozens of Caribbean flamingos and freshwater turtles guests can view up-close and personal. All SeaWorld parks offer guests a variety of up-close experiences, from animal encounters, to thrilling rides and spectacular shows, Aquatica does no less!

My boys and I had a great time at Aquatica today! Their favorite spot at Aquatica was the Slippity Dippity which is a toddler friendly area with several water slides and waterfalls. It was just their size and they felt comfortable to go down the waterslides which landed in a pool about a foot deep.

A favorite of mine was Big Surf Shores which is one of the largest wave pools in Southern California with swells of up to five feet. The wave pool was surrounded by a white sandy beach where guests can relax on lawn chairs or in nearby cabanas. With each of my boys at my side, the jumped and crashed into the waves each time. It was so much fun!

My boys are not swimmers so the complimentary life vests, in all sizes, which can be found throughout the park for guests to use, were helpful to keep my boys water safe!

Polynesian dancers, a tropical band, and steel drum players we scattered throughout the park which added to the summer feel to the park! The interactive performances had guests dancing too!

After playing in the water, my kids were hungry! Aquatica has a wide variety of food options! They have everything you could want. From Pulled Pork Carnitas Tacos with Cilantro Slaw, to Mandarin Orange Chicken, Scallions and Chow Mein Noodles, Double Cheeseburgers, Baked Chicken Alfredo Pasta, or Crispy Calamari, they have it all! Our favorite was the Fried Chicken & Funnel Cake with Maple Syrup! Yummo! 

Aquatica SeaWorld’s Waterpark is located at 2052 Entertainment Circle in Chula Vista, Calif. Operational dates are daily, June 1 to Sept. 2; weekends, Sept. 7 to Oct. 20. Admission is $38 for ages 10 and older; $30 for ages 3–9. Memberships for both SeaWorld California and Aquatica are available and start at $190. For more information visit or call (800) 257-4268.

Thank you to SeaWorld Aquatica for having Garcia Family make memories with you today! We can't wait to visit again! I hope you have as much fun as we did at Seaworld's Aquatica!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Our friends...So Cal Kids San Diego!

There are lots of awesome websites out there that share the events in and around America's Finest City, San Diego. One of my favorites for awhile now is SoCal Kids San Diego!

I always look forward to SoCal Kids San Diego's newsletters in my inbox to scan through the week's fun family friendly events! There are often so many to choose from!

Since I plan most of our family's weekend activities, I put the events I plan for us to attend on my iPhone calendar and "share" with the hubby! If I mention it in conversation, he'll forget! But if I put it on his calendar, and it "beeps" 2 days before, and "beeps" 1 day before, and once last "beep" a few hours before, he's bound to remember!

Every once in awhile hubby responds "maybe" because of work committments! Boo!

One of the events I found on So Cal Kids San Diego was the Julian Apple Festival. Although we didn't visit Julian during the actual Apple Festival, So Cal Kids San Diego reminded me of the fun apple picking to do during the Fall! 

Thanks to Kathie Zaccaria and So Cal Kids San Diego, they shared our "Garcia Memory" of our very own Julian in the city of Julian! Check it out here!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Julian in Julian

If you've read some of my previous posts, you may have noticed we call our eldest son "Jelo". No, that's not his real name...he real name is Juilan Angelo. So his nickname is the "J' from Julian and the "-elo" from Angelo. I know, its cute!

Jelo had once heard the news weather refer to the city of Julian. He was instantly curious about the city of Julian. We've promised from for a long time we'd take him for a vist, last weekend we finally did!

Auntie Joyce and Uncle Mikey joined us for our trip into the mountains some some apple picking and apple pie! 

We started our visit with some apple picking at Raven Hill Ochard, For $10 you get a bag with you fill with as many apples as you can! There were rows and rows of apple trees that our boys loved to run up and down. They enjoyed finding the "really red" apples and had daddy help pick the best ones that were way high up in the trees. 

At the orchard, there was wine tasting also from Menghini Winery where for $5 you get to sample 5 wines and a keepsake wine glass. 

We had some lunch and explored downtown Julian where Jelo had fun taking pictures in front of a few "Julian" signs. 

We ended our day with some famous Julian Apple Pie. My favorite is the Apple Caramel Crumble, oh so good! We bought some to share with Jelo and DJ's grandparents =)

Another great weekend diversion from the daily routines of the work week! Happy Fall everyone!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

I love the weekends! Especially long ones! This weekend we decided to surprise the boys in a mini-vacay to Orange County.

We started off at our usual Home Depot kids workshop. The boys made a goal post for paper football. It was quick and easy to make!

We then headed for the freeway.
Jelo kept asking "where are we going" and our answer was always "it's a surprise!!!!" When we got near to our destination, Jelo noticed the "knotts berry farm" sign at the freeway exit and he said, "are we going to knotts?" he figured it out!

We checked into the the knotts berry farm hotel and resort. Our room was in the snoopy wing with custom snoopy decorated rooms. The boys loved it! Jelo even asked "can we just live here mom?", haha!

We then spent the day at knotts soak city. It was a beautiful day and the boys loved every moment! Lazy river, wave pool, kids play was non stop fun! Even daddy had fun at the front of the wave pool crashing into the huge waves!

The next day we had a visit from snoopy as we had our breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Jelo was excited, DJ freaked out! We got a cute family picture nonetheless!

On our way home, we stopped by fashion island in Newport beach for my stop of our mini-vacay: some shopping and macarons!

Once back in SD, daddy wanted to support the 12 hour organ concert at balboa park to benefit Operation Rebound. We enjoyed the sights and sounds for a bit then headed home.

On Monday, we decided to stay out of the sun and enjoy a movie. Daddy watched "Bourne Legacy" while I took the boys with me to watch "The Odd live of Timothy Green". The boys were good for the most part but got antsy for the last 30 mins of the movie. There was popcorn all over the floor of where we sat and there was a lady behind us who seemed to have "shhhh" programmed to her lips everytime my kids made a peep! The movie was cute and magical. It didn't make me cry like I thought it would. My four year old said "I liked that movie mom! That kid was funny!"

It was a great Labor Day Weekend spent with my three favorite guys! I hope everyone had a fun and restful weekend as well! Now, back to the usual "labor" again tomorrow!