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Gender Identity Explained with the Gender Unicorn

This past year as my work as a school, I have worked with several students dealing with issues with gender identity. I have had students who have identified with a gender different from the gender they were born with. I have helped students deal with the opinions of family and friends as they have transitioned in identifying with a different gender. I have had student and parent conferences helping students "come out" to their parents and providing parents with resources on how to best support their child and their family through the process. 
At times, I have also had to help students who have harmed themselves physically because of the hurtful words they have experienced, the lack of support they feel like they deserve, or even the questioning of their own self worth. 
I have had so many LGTBQ students in my counselor caseload over the past year, I felt like I needed some training to best serve my students. I have learned lots from the workshops I have attended and I know…

Savor Spring at Seasons 52

A mommy night out every once awhile is the perfect day to decompress, de-stress, and recharge. My good friend Joyce is always there to take me away from the mommy grind.
A few nights ago we spent the evening sampling the new Spring menu at Seasons 52 in San Diego. Seven courses highlighting the flavors of Spring paired with wines from all over the world, what else could a mommy ask for? I definitely forgot the piles of laundry, the bills to be paid, and the homework to be done, for a few hours at least!

The evening began with a STRAWBERRY BASIL INFUSION which was divine. Joyce and I chatted with Chef Mo, as well as a few of the other staff while we sipped on this delicious cocktail. The strawberry-infused prairie organic vodka, agave nectar and fresh basil had just a touch of sweet and was overall refreshing. I could've drank this all night, it was so good. I did have a few!

Once we were seated, we were treated to the Chef's SPRING AMUSE BOUCHE. Creme fraiche and crostini, alo…

Sushi Smackdown in San Diego

Hubby and I spent last Valentine's Day doing something we love: eating sushi!
Yet, this was not your usual sushi outing, we went to the Sushi Smackdown at Iron Fist Brewery in the Barrio Logan community of San Diego.

Sushi Smackdown is all about a battle including local chefs who make a dishes in 4different categories. Guests at the event get to judge and vote for their favorite chef.  Hubby and I enjoyed the beautiful view of the Coronado bridge and the cool ocean breeze as we waited for the Sushi Smackdown to start. 
I was expecting chefs to be ready for battle, just like Iron Chef on the Food Network. after all, the pictures of the chefs on the Sushi Smackdown website looked like this:
Yet, these were the 4 chefs at our Sushi Smackdown:
I wasn't about to judge a book by its cover. I was going to set the sushi speak to decide which chef reigns supreme! The Sushi Smackdown allowed us to try over 20 bites of sushi, sashimi, poke, and desserts. The sake and beer and beer made the e…

Are you Cute, Gorgeous, or Sexy? Find out at Amazing Lash Studio

I have always admired ladies who are all put together, all day, everyday. Hair is done in pretty curls, flawless face with perfect eyebrow arches and rosy cheeks, they smell of roses and sweet cotton candy, and their skin is glowing and flawless. Then there is me who slaps on some foundation, two quick sweeps of blush, and a simple application of black eyeliner, and I'm out the door. My hair air dries and I spray myself with perfume during my morning commute.

It was such a treat to experience eyelash extensions with Amazing Lash Studio to help me look a little bit more put together each morning without added effort. It's amazing how a set of eye lashes can make one look so much more fabulous!

When I arrived at the Amazing Lash Studio after a long day at work, it was nice to be greeted with a glass of champagne, calming music, and a nice comfy seat to relax in the reception area as my best buddy Michelle and I waited for our session to begin.

Before the process began, my "…

#FoodieFriday: Fill Your Tummy at E and Drink

It's been chilly in San Diego this winter. Yes, chilly for us San Diegans. And yes, we're so spoiled. On our "cold" days, I crave something warm to fill my belly. E and Drink has been one of my Yelp bookmarks for quite awhile now so I loaded up the family in the van and we headed over for some yummy eats. 

E and Drink is inside the food court at Ranch 99 Market. Parking here will test your patience, so put your patience hat on and take a deep breath  as you pull into the parking lot. The yummy eats at E and Drink are worth it!
We came here on a Sunday for lunch. It wasn't busy at all and we were seated right away. 
We started with a Scallion Pancake which was crispy and savory. The spicy dip it came with was not too spicy. It added a nice kick to the pancake flavors.   My sons are fans of fried chicken so they shared the Basil Popcorn Chicken. The bite size chicken plate was more that enough for my boys to share. They each had a bowl of rice to enjoy as well!


Dancing DJ Garcia and Projekt FX

Mommy brag time!

My 5 year old DJ has just performed in his 2nd Projekt FX show with Studio FX of San Diego. Projekt FX is in its 5th year of bringing local choreographers and dancers together in an awesome dance showcase.

When he was three, I noticed DJ's love of dance while he danced along with Just Dance videos on YouTube. I enrolled him in the kids beginning hip hop class at Studio FX and since then he's loved dance!

With Studio FX, DJ has been able to perform at Padres games during the summer. He's been so brave performing in front of thousands of people!

This year for Projekt FX, DJ was able to work with choreographer Ramon Ivey. Mr. Ivey has worked with multitudes of artists, creators, and professionals such as CeCe Winans, L.L. Cool J, Kirk Franklin, Jeremiah, and The-Dream to name a few. He has also performed on the 2001 Emmy Awards Show, and the Christian Music Awards in 2009.

Mr. Ivey's concept for the Tiny Tots performance at Projekt FX was "Minions&q…