I Love Influenster!

When I became a blogger, I didn't realize the influence opinions and every day activities had on me and my interactions online! Checking in on Yelp, posting pictures on Instagram, sharing on Facebook were all just fun for me!  I love seeing where people eat, where they shop, and where they go on vacation. Often times I "pin" or "bookmark" those places for my future reference. Little did I know the places I eat, where I shop, things I do with my kids also helped my online friends decide where they too would eat and have fun!

One of the greatest experiences I've had as a blogger is being an Influenster! Through this program I've been able to experience all kinds of new products! Candles, chocolate, beauty products, coffee, health shakes, and more! All of the things I already use everyday, but new and different products to try! It's always fun to discover new products I might not have thought of trying before.

Yet you all know, I'm honest about these products so if they didn't impress me, I'll be sure to let you know!

Some of the campaigns I've been with through Influenster:

A photo posted by @lovelylysa on

A photo posted by @lovelylysa on
A photo posted by @lovelylysa on

Coming home to an Influenster box is such a treat! It's like Christmas a few times a year! It adds to be fun of being a blogger! If you haven't checked out Influenster yet, it's worth your time! Check out how much influence YOU have online!

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