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Ms. Luansing Joins Counselors Around the Country to #ReachHigher

I have been so excited about Michelle Obama's Reach Higher Initiative. Her support of school counselors has been inspiring and motivating. I'm excited about the White House's support of school counselor professional development, training, and recognition of hard work. I look forward to changes in the education system that increases the number of highly qualified school counselors at all levels of our public school system! 
I was fortunate enough to be a part of the counselor #ReachHigher slide show that was presented at the Harvard Graduate School of Education College Access conference today! Check me out at :08!

Laugher with Protection with the Poise Microliner

I don't know if this happens to you, but it happens to me. It's a bit embarrassing but I know many of you can relate! I laugh a little too hard or let out a really big sneeze and I'll pee on myself. Yes, it's gross but it happens. Don't judge me, I know it's happened to you too!

Reality is, one in three women experience Light Bladder Leakage (LBL), which can be triggered by everyday occurrences like coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise. Many women rely on feminine care products or nothing at all to manage their little leaks because they don’t know there are solutions designed specifically for LBL or they don’t think incontinence products are for them. As the leader in the light incontinence category, Poise brand offers a variety of pads and liners to make it easy to find protection for every woman’s needs.

LBL became more frequent for me after I had my two boys. Baby Center shares that "The tissues and muscles that support your uterus (womb), bowel and…

Perfect Movie Night Popcorn Each and Everytime

Movie night at the Garcia's can be complicated. Having our two boys choose a common movie to watch can cause a huge disagreement. So, sometimes movie nights look like this:

They eat sit with their own iPads and watch the movie of their liking! This leaves mom and dad to watch what they want on the big TV! Yay!

I have to admit, there is one thing about movie night that none of us disagree - POPCORN!

I'd delighted to share with you the Pop SecretPerfect Pop App! Since our boys love technology, they couldn't wait to try out the app for themselves! The Perfect Pop App saves the night and it is super easy to use! It ensures a perfect bag of popcorn each and every time!

Everyone can relate to the frustration of burning popcorn, so Pop Secretdecided to solve the problem once and for all, so you can spend more time enjoying movies and less time worrying about burned popcorn! With your iPhone 5+ on iOS 7+, download Perfect Pop (“Perfect Popcorn”)for free on the App Store. 1. Put a …

Keep Momming

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Shire. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

Raising a child at any age is challenging, and when it comes to mothers and daughters, the dynamic can be even more complex. What some may dismiss as “typical tween girl behavior” can sometimes be symptoms of something more serious. Research suggests that girls are more likely than boys to report having mostly inattentive Attention- Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms. Since inattentive symptoms can be less noticeable than hyperactive and impulsive symptoms, it is important that moms know what to look for.

That’s why I’m pleased to be joining Shire, CHADD and Holly Robinson Peete to announce the launch of keep momming, a new public service initiative geared towards the moms of tween girls to raise awareness of ADHD.

The campaign is anchored within a new digital hub,, where you’ll find tips, tools and other go-to …

Fun at The San Diego Waterfront Park

Summer has been filled with beautiful sunny days in San Diego! We decided to explore the San Diego waterfront on the morning of the Fourth of July to enjoy the new waterfront park, as well as soaking in the awesome weather!
We parked in the underground parking at the San Diego County Administration Center. It was a bit pricey since it was the holiday, but it was convenient since there were lots of people out by the water.
Although the Waterfront Park is already finished, there is still lots of construction around the cruise ship terminal so it was tricky trying to get around on the bikes and dodging the crowds of tourists. 
Of course only a few minutes into our ride, the kids needed a snack! Here they are enjoying their "break"!

It was such a beautiful day! There were lots of people enjoying their water spots, San Diego bay tours, and even more people just enjoying the scenery by foot!

Before heading home, the boys (and daddy) cooled off at the fountains at the Waterfront P…

DJ Mel, the President's DJ

Today I'm bragging! I'm bragging about my cousin Mel who I like to call the "First DJ of the United States of America". "Kuya" (big bro) Mel and I are first cousins, his mom and my dad are brother and sister (two of 12 siblings). We share over 30 first cousins! 
Here he is with the POTUS and FLOTUS themselves at the last Inauguration Ball at the White House where he was the official DJ of the evening. Check out President Obama's Inaugural Ball address giving DJ Mel props (first full paragraph)! You can also check out the video below!

It all started with a gig at Barack Obama's Election Night Party
He's even gotten a shout out on CNN!

He's been the DJ a few white house events, the latest being the annual White House Easter Egg Roll

I love listening to his music on Soundcloud. Here's his set from his recent stint at the Do-Over in Los Angeles. It's great workout music! 
Last week I shared the story of my cousin Tara who pursued her …

Appropriate or Not? My Thoughts on Booty Shorts and See Through Clothes

Recently, I've been in a rant on social media about appropriate dressing in public. I understand it's summer and it's hot, but that does not give girls the freedom to expose their bodies for all to see. Shorts are so short, you can see butt cleavage, along with see-through clothes with only bras underneath.

Here are a few pictures I was fast enough to catch. But believe me, and I'm sure you can agree, there is much more skin showing outfits out there!

If I'm at the beach or a water park, I'll expect to see more skin. But there are parts of bodies exposed that should not be seen at Disneyland, restaurants, and even church. Yes, church. I've been tempted a few times to go up to these young ladies dressed inappropriately and advise them on their attire.

So, why does it bug me to much? When seeing these people with their bodies exposed, I'd mumble to myself, "I sooooooo did not need to see that!", then I'm left feeling a bit irritated. It'…