Tuesday, December 30, 2014

White Winter in Utah

Living in San Diego, we are so spoiled with great weather all year long. This year we wanted to experience a white winter. We just got back from a few days spent in Utah, in and around Salt Lake City. We had a great time experiencing some great winter weather!

Day One:
We stated our day off with a planned hike to Ensign Peak. The view from Ensign Peak is one of the best for a panoramic Once we got to the trail, it was completely iced. The steep trail was impossible to do with our two little boys so we had some fun at Ensign Park instead! The views from the park were just as awesome!

Not too far from Ensign Park was the Utah State Capitol Building. The beautiful building sits above downtown Salt Lake City.

We then met with our good friends the Gottfredsons for lunch at City Creek Center. The mall is huge! I had to use all my will-power to not stop and shop!

A short walk took us to Temple Square of the Church of Later Day Saints. We walked around the grounds a bit. Highlights for me were the life size nativity scene, as well as a replica of the Christus statue.

Our boys loved the Natural History Museum with the awesome dinosaur exhibits!

Day Two:
As a snow storm headed to the area, it was a great day to play in the snow. We drove around the the city of Sandy, Utah, where our friends the Gottfredsons live. It was definitely an experience driving in the snow!

Home of the owners of the Utah Jazz
We found a perfect spots for the kids to go sledding. The kids had a blast!

I thought the kids would've been super tired from the sledding but as soon as we got home, they wanted to play some more in the snow!

Day Three:
We spent the morning driving up to Park City to explore the Olympic Park. The kids enjoyed the interactive museum. My friend Dorothy and I were ready to try the bobsled experience but because of the storm, it was closed. Boo!

We had a quick stroll around downtown Park City to check out the awesome ski lifts and locations of the famous Sundance Film Festival.

We ended our visit to Utah with a Sleigh Ride in 14 degree temperatures at the Canyons Resort in Park City. It was super cold but a great experience!

We loved our white winter experience in Utah! Thanks to our good friends, the Gottfredson family, for hosting us and showing us a great time!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Christmas 2012

Christmas time is always so much fun! I have to admit it's one of my favorite holidays! For this Throwback Thursday I'm re-posting a blog post from my previous blog hosted on Google Sites: Holiday Season with the Garcia's from 2012. Enjoy!

This is the most wonderful time of the year! This time of the year is always filled with family, friends, and fun!

Here is the boys' annual picture with Santa! Jelo sat on Santa's lap and shared he wanted a cash register for Christmas while DJ stayed in my arms off to the side watching the entire interaction. When it was time to take the picture, we quickly put DJ on Santa's lap, yelled cheese and took the picture. Jelo smiled, DJ screamed! This picture is classic! The boys' shirts say "I'm on the nice list". Hmmm...nice most of the time, not all the time!

One of the first activities of the season was a trip to the December Nights at Balboa Park the first weekend in December. Good friends Mikey and Joyce decided to join us. We parked at Petco Park to catch a shuttle, only to find the line for the shuttle went around the block and down the street. We decided to talk a nice walk down Harbor Drive, across the new Harbor Drive pedestrian bridge, walk along the convention center and soak in the sights and sounds of Seaport Village.

Putting up our Christmas decor this year with out two little helpers. We decided to throw away all the breakable ornaments and not put up all the decor we usually do. Jelo was a great helper! DJ just wanted to put everything in his mouth! It's neat to see the pictures each year and how small the boys look next to our Christmas tree. We have lots of great memories around our costco tree!

Espero Photography did our annual family pictures again this year. Jelo was in a "bad mood" the entire session so there aren't very many pictures of him smiling. We have lots of beautiful pictures from the great team of Sheryl, Sherwin, and Stephanie!

Sea World is a great place to enjoy in the middle of the winter in San Diego! We had a great time at Snow World in the 70+ degree sunny weather! As soon we walked in, DJ saw the giant Christmas tree and was trying to jump out of his stroller to make a run for it! We also had a fun time with Elmo who gave the boys a giant hug! We spent lots of time in the new turtle reef exhibit where we watching the swimming turtles and played the turtle race game.

Our Disneyland annual passes expired at the end of 2011 so we decided to get one more visit in before the year ended. Jelo and DJ love Small World, all the more it was decorated in celebration on the holidays around the world. In Critter Country there were some live reindeer and activities for the kids to do. During this visit, every time there was live music DJ would jump out of his stroller to dance! It was so fun!

The holiday season isn't complete without a visit to the Christmas lights of the local neighborhoods!

On Christmas Eve, the boys wore their Harajuku shirts and bowties (because I don't have a girl to dress cute) and daddy matched with his own bow time from me! We attended mass with Lola and Tatay and headed to their house for dinner. We opened a few gifts before heading home!

I helped Jelo write a note to Santa before he went to bed!
He modeled his note this year after his new favorite, Charlie Brown!

Christmas morning the boys, including Don, woke me yelling "It's Christmas Mommy! Wake up! Let's go downstairs!!!" Wrapping and tissue paper starting flying all over! Boxes being ripped open! I didn't even know what came from who! All I know is Santa granted my wish and got me my megaphone! Yay!

Christmas Day we were greeted in Lola and Tatay's drive way with Jelo and DJ's new car! They quickly put on their helmets and drove around the cul-de-sac! Auntie Tara joined us but she wasn't feeling to great, we think it was food poisoning! After having something to eat, we opened more gifts!

The boys and I went to the Big Bay Balloon Parade on December 27th. As we walked through downtown, Jelo said, "Mom, are we in New York?!" The parade was very crowded and people were invading our personal space. The parade wasn't paced right either, some parts passed by us really fast and then 10 minute gaps. We didn't stay for the entire parade, the boys got bored!

We ended 2011 with the Garcia's and Castano's over for NYE dinner. Don and I toasted in the new year with some Yo-Cool and Soju in our family room with our boys passed out on the floor and toys all over!

We started 2012 doing one of our most favorite things, spending time with the Luansing cousins! We met up for lunch at Maggiano's in Los Angeles, and did a $5 white elephant gift exchange! It was super fun! We walked around The Grove and the LA Farmers Market a bit and headed to Lamill Coffee to enjoy some java and conversation!
We ended 2011 doing things we love with the people we love! Best wishes to all of our beloved friends and family for a wonderful and blessed new year!
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