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Throwback Thursday: Australia 2005

Once upon a time,when I was a teacher without kids of my own, I'd take my students on travel around the world. It was such a rewarding experience to take students on travel to other parts of the world. The wide-eyed looks on their faces and the big smiles I'd see everyday was priceless.

Many of the students I've taken on travel are not from well-off families. It took months of saving and thousands of boxes of candy bars, yard sales, and more to pay off their share for their trip. Some students had to choose from getting a car or going on travel, a fancy "quincenera" or travel. All the students who came with me said they made the better choice!

Here a few pictures from our Australia and New Zealand trip in 2005:

Awesome Night at Diner En Blanc San Diego

When I saw the pictures from the first Diner En Blanc event in San Diego last year, I was so curious! The pictures from Diner En Blanc all around the world were beautiful. Everyone was wearing white, the venue and decor was also covered in white. The food looked delicious and it looked like everyone was having a wonderful time. Diner En Blanc quickly was quickly added to my bucket list! I added myself to, what it seemed like, an exclusive wait list. I waited and month later I received an email with directions on how to purchase my pair of tickets. I had a specific day and time to login to a website to purchase my tickets. Once my tickets were purchased, I had the opportunity to invite a friend to attend as well. 
Once the tickets were purchased, I received very detailed information about the event. I already had a white white outfits in my closet and shoes to match so I was ready to go. My husband on the other hand didn't have much white to wear. We went on a hunt for white pants…

Get Healthy Now: Sharp Women’s Health Conference

Have you registered yet for Sharp HealthCare’s annual Women’s Health Conference? There’s still time to  get your ticket. Register for this once-a-year event and you’ll be able to see these acclaimed speakers and  enjoy a full day of education and activities – designed to empower women of all ages to live healthier and more balanced lives.

Raoul Martinez and Shally Zomorodi - Emcees
Co-anchors for Fox 5 San Diego Morning News
Rhonda Britten – Morning Keynote Speaker
Topic: Fearless Living
An Emmy Award-winner, repeat Oprah guest and bestselling author, Britten is the keynote speaker for the morning session at the Sharp Women’s Health Conference. The founder of the Fearless Living Institute, she has devoted her life to teaching people how to master the fear of rejection, loss, failure, success, abandonment, pain, and the invisible fear many people have of “just not being good enough.”

Marianne Williamson – Afternoon Keynote Speaker
Topic: A Return to Love
An internationally acclaimed spirit…

Sunday Breakfast in Bed

For hubby's breakfast eve, I prepared breakfast in bed. I don't think I've ever prepared breakfast in bed for hubby. If I did, I don't remember. I'm starting to have a hard time remembering things. Mommy brain, I guess.

I wanted to do something special for him, but because we both work and have kids to prepare on weekday mornings, it would've been a challenge to prepare his breakfast in bed tomorrow which is his actual birthday. So, his birthday breakfast in bed happened today, his birthday eve.

My hubby loves Hawaiian Bread and Spam. Yes, spam! We have a love affair with spam! That's a whole other blog post in and of its self! Anyways, I decided to make him spam sliders with Hawaiian bread for his breakfast in bed.

In the bread I put a slice of the spam, a bit of scrambled egg, mayonnaise, and ketchup. I put some ice cold water in hubby's cup and dressed up the tray with a pretty flower from our side yard.

Hubby ate them up in minutes with a moan of &q…

First Days of School: Dealing with Anxieties

First days of school anxieties are natural for any student each year they begin a new school year. For my kindergartner, his worries are less and less as the first days of school become a memory. Meeting new students at the school where I work, I often deal with students who are apprehensive starting at a new high school. Easing first day of school worries at home and at work has surely kept me busy the last few weeks. 
I thought I'd share the article below to help my parent friends in supporting their children as a new school year begins. I hope your kids had a great start just like my kindergartner did!

Coping Skills When Children are  Having a Hard Time Adjusting Source:
Anxious feelings are normal and expected during times of transition or change. This is especially true for children and teens going back to school. This transition can be stressful and disruptive for the entire family. Prior to the first day …

Workplace Camaraderie: How Do You Do it?

Camaraderie is one of the most important aspects of any workplace. I'm so fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of people!  At the school I work, each department sponsors our monthly staff luncheon. Its a great time enjoy a yummy lunch and catch up with our colleagues we don't interact with on a daily basis. I look forward to each month's luncheon with the different menus and the different decor. Each department is always very creative and always raises the bar for the next month's festivities.

Today, the counseling department with which I work hosted a football theme party! Here are the highlights of our luncheon:

Here is the awesome counseling center team I work with each day:

 The food we served:
How does your workplace promote camaraderie and teamwork?

San Diego Bubble Run 2013

Walls of bubbles: pink, blue, green, and yellow! Run/walk buddy Eleina  and my boys had a great time today at the San Diego Bubble Run at Qualcomm Stadium!

The morning was a warm one, approaching 80 degrees at 8AM. The crowd gathered wearing white, ready to have their blank canvas of t-shirt colored by the bubbles. 

9AM the run began with most people walking with the sun and heat getting the best of most. My kids usually complain in being "tired" and "bored" during by run/walk events, all too often asking "Are we at the end yet?".

This time, there was not one complaint from my boys, which I was totally expecting because of the heat. What took me more by surprise was when they said "I don't want to ride in the stroller Mom, I want to run!". 
The walls of bubbles were so much fun and the anticipation of the next wall of bubbles was enough to keep my boys distracted from the heat and being tired. My boys loved the walls of bubbles that they…